Frequenty Asked Questions 



Frequently Asked

What do I need to teach?

You need a 120 hour/180H hour TELF course, a computer or laptop with a camera and internet connection.

Do I need a degree to teach online?
No you don’t you just need to do one of the courses or both its completely up to you.However if you going abroad: Most countries require you to have a degree.  There are jobs available for non-degree holders, but it might be harder to find a job without a degree.  Do some research first and see what the requirements are per country. It is illegal to work in some countries without a degree, please be very careful. Do not trust recruiters who say that you can work in China (and other Asian countries) without a degree.
Is it recognized internationally and accredited?

Yes it is accredited through Accreditat. IF you registered after 6 August, your certificate will be the accredited one.

How much will I get paid teaching in China?

99% of schools will give first timers a salary between 14000 to 18000 Chinese Yuan per month with free accommodation. Second year teacher can look at 16000 to 22000 Chinese Yuan per month.

How do I apply?

Buy from one of our sales representatives or from our website. Please allow 48 hours for our administration team to email your login details.

How long does it take to do the course?

As long as it takes you to do it. If it take you 10 days to do or 3 weeks it’s up to you how soon you want to make money. However you have 6 months to complete the course

How many hours am I required to work?

You work your own hours if you want to work 2 hours a day that will be your salary if you work 5 hours a day that will be your salary for example.

Can you help me get a job after the course?

We give you a list close to 200 schools that you can apply to, you need to apply to them on your own or if you find some other school on the internet looking for a person to teach English online you can apply through them , you don’t have to go with the schools we provide. You need to apply to as many as possible and follow their instructions. It’s like a normal job interview but just online. You apply and if they happy with your email and 30 seconds introduction video they will set up an interview for you. Some schools use Skype, zoom or they provide you with their own program to teach off. Most school also provide you with the teaching materials you need to teach.

How much do I get paid? And how?

They pay you in dollars into your account or they will ask you to open up a PayPal account.

They pay you between 10 dollars to 28 dollars per hour depending on which school you get.

Please Google what the exchange rate is to Rands as it changes often.

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